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Jamaican Poetry: Ghetto Burial

By: Davene Rowe.
Copyright © 2010, Davene Rowe.

Buttons and T-Shirt memorabilia of a man who lived and died by the gun
Ironically with the words ‘GONE TOO SOON” engraved
A glass chariot transports the dead in style reminiscent of a fairy tale life
The blings and the mode of dress are no different from the standard expected
and worn at last week’s weddi weddi with a slight deviation in the colours

Once there is a bus, car or bike, then transporation is more than available
With just a little Vybz Kartel and Mavado to set the mood
There is hardly any need for money , at the ‘deadyard’ food is a must.
All that is needed is a few bottles of whites and you certainly can’t forget the little bag of greens

There are two services; one inside the church officiated by the pastor while the other is usually outside surrounding a Chillum Pipe.
The sistren in the shortest dress is strategically placed in the front seat with her neon colour hairstyle & outfit,
mourning her loss and at the same time defending why she is the wife and the mate two rows behind ‘just nah happen’.

But like every other funeral , a loved one is bemoaned and in some way, shape or form
life for the family will undoubtedly change even though life in the ghetto will always remain the same.

Kas Kas by Louise Bennett

By: Louise Bennett

Yuh se me trial now mah?
Dat marga gal winjy
Want put me eena kas-kas
An big lian story

She sen come call me toder day
An wen ah goh me chile
De whole fambly gader roun me
Like I was kerosene ile

Dem sey smaddy tell miss Terry
An she tell her darter
Dat Lou dah walk bout an dah
definate her character

An de smaddy wey tell Miss Terry
Sey smaddy wey know Winjy
Sey Winjy tell dat smaddy an
Dat smaddy mus be me

Wen dem start fe chat yuh se mah
Ah glad i wasn’ ile
For ah hooda mus ketch fire
De way me tempa bwile

Ah plasta me mout pon dem yaw
Ah hooden tek it soh
Dem nevah know sey dat I know
De rightful way it goh.

I hear say Jane sey Imo sey
Dat Amy sey dat Sue
Tel smaddy dat Miss Matty sey
She hear sey Sam beat Lou

Me ongle whisper it to Fan
An she goh fas tell Ju_
Him tell Doan and she pinch tell Vie
An Vie goh tell back Sue

Den Sue ax Matty, and you know
De size o fe har mout
She call fe Winjy name an den
De ole tory bruck out

But Lou sey Sam doan beat har
Him ongle fling a stone
An it meck mistake and soh lick har
An bruck har collar-bone

An weel right t’rough de gate and all
Dem call I hooden look
I doan bizniz wid dem Kas kas
For my life is open book