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Jamaican Workplace: Dealing with Workplace Harassment – Sanity, Under Construction

Two days of mind numbing, soul agitating, psychological breaking drilling and I feel as if I am going insane. This is wrong on so many levels but a score of employees have been putting up with this for several years.

Jamaican Workplace: Dealing with Workplace Harassment – Letter to my Workplace Abusers

Letter to my Workplace Abusers

Anger one of the strongest motivators on planet Earth.

Injustice, the fuel which sparks a forest fire that brings only destruction and calamity.

Respect, fairness, and justice; with these one can douse the flames created by injustice and anger.

When I started to catalogue my experience with my horrible boss and dealing with workplace harassment, I was angry. Under the surface, I still am. My focus was on excavating that lethal anger which coursed through my veins. I tried to drain the stress symptoms which were assassinating me every second, of every day. My neck, my back, my head, my sleep, my relationships were a ticking, time bomb about to explode.

Now, I struggle to activate a measure of objectivity. I aim to utilise the emotions that fuel my writing and channel it into a more positive outcome, seeing as there is no hope of me getting any in my present Jamaican workplace. My words will now be focused on educating the masses on issues like job satisfaction, female bosses, employee rights, employee duties, workplace fairness, corporate psychopaths and other workplace issues.

It is with absolute certainty that I also say that I have a captive audience; those who surveillance my blogs, my written works, my online activity and my online accounts. Some of you are the culprits and today, I will work to provide you with a University of Life education that you have skipped out on. Hopefully, the God you claim to serve, will finally and truly be allowed in your heart to bring about positive change; so that, the abuse, malice and hurt that you continue to distribute unbiased will end.



Poetess Denise N. Fyffe.

Jamaican Workplace : Dealing with workplace harassment – I ain’t scared of no ghost

I ain’t scared of no ghosts!

My fear is reserved for God!

Today, I caught them watching me from afar, no doubt saying a few choice words about me. But, I am not the type to be intimidated. I see the things that go bump in the night, so it takes a great deal more to scare me.

With my active imagination, I can supply the script to what they are saying, every time the two sisters get together; CEO and VP. If labour laws and due diligence did not exist, these people who practice the ‘unethical’ would have fired me without batting an eyelash. Because who am I to report one of the owners to HR?!

Ethics is not a word understood in this place; neither is it practiced.

There should be a law against such people owning companies and mistreating people; half of the staff attend their church! How do these people worship God on a Saturday?

The circle of ‘Family and Friends’ (CEO, AVP, Op Manager, Brother, friend of the mother….) have been in my direct path and I simply walk pass. None too afraid. A lesser person would be intimidated, but not I. They could ‘nepotise’ the whole family into this Jamaican workplace, I ain’t scared.

Apart from being disgusted with the absence of professionalism, at this institution; I no longer look forward to setting foot on their premises. I think this is a general consensus for many of the staff who work here. There is more murmurings at this Jamaican workplace than sand on the beach!