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Book Review: Declarations for My Sons and Daughters by Denise N. Fyffe

Declarations for my Sons & Daughters

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I started writing this free ebook, Declarations for my Sons & Daughters, after contemplating the life that I wanted for my children. In a world such as this, we cannot leave anything to chance. I want my children to come into an intimate relationship with God and not have to struggle for it. All else are their rightful inheritance.

Many of us, especially of African descent, have been robbed of our earthly inheritance. We have all been robbed of our spiritual inheritance. But, it is not God’s will for us to remain in that state. I invite you to frequently declare these statements over the lives of your children, born and yet to be born.

I found that the declarations were divinely inspired. I attempted to write declarations before, but these came directly from the Holy Spirit. As such, I want to share this free ebook with you. These blessings are to be used for the building up of the kingdom of God.

This free ebook, Declarations for my Sons & Daughters, provides bold statements entrenched in the promises of God. The statements empower parents to decree godly declarations, which are good, pure, true, honest, just, lovely and of good report, over the lives of their children.

The bible says that “death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits”. Therefore, as guardians of our bloodline, we must take the reins and strategically place the power, authority, presence and dictates of God, over the lives of our children; even to the 12th generation.

This free ebook is also available on and They provide the book free of cost with no download fee. You can also download the book fromo this page as well.

Enjoy the excerpt below:

My mighty sons will be keepers of Gods wisdom. They will consume the knowledge of this world like a glass of water. From them will pour mysteries and code breaking information.

They shall burn down the dwellings of their enemies and in their eyes will be truth everlasting. They will feed the poor. They will heal the sick. None shall leave from under the shadow of the almighty. They will be used of God to shelter the persecuted.

Get your copy of Declarations for my Sons & Daughters and arm yourself and your future generation with the sword of truth.

My books can be found at a number of online websites, including:

Smashwords.comBarnes and and Bookophilia bookstore in Kingston, Jamaica.

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