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#WhyIWrite: Book 10 by Author Denise N. Fyffe

I just watched a video by renowned author J.K. Rowling, and I believe that she gets what many authors like myself are going through.

Her Harvard Commencement speech was about ‘The Benefits of Failure‘ and I could tell that she lived exactly what I am now going through. To have that  similarity is a great motivator. As such, it has inspired me to share 30 posts about the 30 books that I published.

I say published, because I have written nearly twice as many, and they are sitting on my hard drive gathering virtual dust.



Sometimes you have to give back. Not everything has to be about profit and what best to give away than the what comes from my source.

So, Be Lifted Up.

Be Lifted Up book cover


Be Lifted Up contains poetic verse of encouragement, hope, faith, love and reverence; granting direction to a more positive and spiritually focused state of mind.

The hardships we face in life can rip you up, turn you over and leave you feeling like you have been inside a tornado. Break ups, loss of a job, death of a loved one, personal injury and even betrayal by those closest to you; these are times when our faith, hope, motivation and self belief can leave us without a leg to stand on. These experiences can make us feel isolated or depressed. They are not isolated to any one person; we all have a time or a season when we go through.

However, God is and has the answers to all things. He will never leave us nor forsake us. I hope these words and prayers will help you to go through. Remember hold fast to his promises, be positive, think good thoughts, and profess only good things in your life; even when you don’t feel like it. Leave the negativity behind. Be lifted up. -Poetess Denise Fyffe”

Ebook copies of this book is provided free on Smashwords.

Enjoy the excerpt of one of these poems below:

A Wise Prayer

Lord, I beseech thee therefore To hear my words and answer my call
For this is not a selfish prayer at all;
I request the Faith of Elijah
So my mountains can get higher
I want to receive the Heart of David
And ask forgiveness for every sin
Even a touch of Solomon’s Wisdom
Would save me lots of trouble in the long run;
A pinch of Strength from the one you gave Samson
And half the Dedication you gave Ruth
Would help me to pull all my problems up, by the root
Even a lingering taste of Love that Jesus had …

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