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#WhyIWrite: Book 9 by Author Denise N. Fyffe

I just watched a video by renowned author J.K. Rowling, and I believe that she gets what many authors like myself are going through.

Her Harvard Commencement speech was about ‘The Benefits of Failure‘ and I could tell that she lived exactly what I am now going through. To have that  similarity is a great motivator. As such, it has inspired me to share 30 posts about the 30 books that I published.

I say published, because I have written nearly twice as many, and they are sitting on my hard drive gathering virtual dust.


I had poems, they carried messages that spoke to various issues like HIV, Aids, dual lives, spousal abuse, gender roles, discrimination etc. I wanted to collate them and publish them separately. Not every one is into love poetry of academic themes; so, Messages to the Deaf is that poetry book for a person who wants to blend the creative with dealing with and highlighting life issues.

At this point, I experimented with book covers but I still wanted the cover to convey positive messages as well.

Many times we turn a blind eye or a deaf ear; ignore the messages and evidence right in front of us. We ask why, ignoring the signs; then act out in surprise or disbelief when we are presented with the immoral aspects of life and human fallacy. It’s time to free our mind and use our senses.

Messages to the Deaf attempts to highlight some of those things, which are often treated with subconscious indifference, when we consciously know better.

When I compiled this book of poetry, I included pieces tackled issues which are kept hush hush. -Poetess Denise Fyffe”

Messages to The Deaf by Denise N. Fyffe


Enjoy the excerpt of one of these poems below:

You exposed me

You exposed me,
To a crouching tiger, hidden dragon
You left me,
Defenceless and vulnerable;
My life shortened,
Buried in the sands of time
My life worthless,
No longer mine;

Our children will live
While we die
Forced to seek answers
Forced to sift through lies;
You exposed them,
To be lonely for the rest of their days
You exposed us,
To HIV, Aids;

You exposed me,
And our unborn child
You exposed me,
And told me lies
No longer do my eyes see
Our children’s happy faces
As I lay dying of Aids,
It’s closed,
Sealed to my grave;

You exposed me. ..

My books can be found at a number of online websites, including:

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