The Faith Chronicles

The Christian Faith Chronicles Part 1 – Is the Spiritual sabbatical over?

Faith fears that her playtime is over and God is demanding his due and his time.

Of course, she is his child, but a rebel. He has allowed her to learn things her way and abate her curiosity of things. And like any other child, come back broken and bored and thinking there is nothing better.

Her life is indelibly his life and she has only borrowed it for a time. She must, like any person who has been given much, has to at some point accept the responsibilities as well.

One of her most favourite person called today, and the sound of her voice brought to her, utter joy. If she needed another sign, then surely that must be it. But in a time of so many transitions, how does she make this one.

Faith has always sensed the shift in times, been able to recognize things or more sense of things. She has moved from an immature little girl, to an uncertain teenager and adolescent is the next stage isn’t it?

Here one has to learn how to take responsibility. But was she ready for it?




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