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Fibroids Testimonial: Week 4, Post Surgery

It’s 11:11 p.m. on January 11th and I am a little concerned about the healing progress of my myomectomy surgical incision.

Let’s just say it’s being stubborn!

Over the last three weeks, I have survived and itching with bated impatience and restricted movements. The wound has presented itself at different stages, more time it looks infected. (As I can’t see it directly, my phone’s camera has provided me with the video and still shots. At times, I want to pass out because of how distressing the surgery wound looks.) I have been moderately careful to treat the wound like a dainty newborn.

As always, when I have an experience and I don’t understand it, I do some research. My intuition was proven right!

I read the testimonials of women who experienced a rash – atopic dermatitis – around their surgical incision. Mine was more like a 7 inch cut. Anyway, many of these women shared that the rash resulted from an allergic reaction to either the tape or glue used during the surgery or to cover the wound.

I think mine is a most unfortunate situation as my wound is closer to my genealogical legacy. Women will understand my distress, some of them anyway.

Also, my mortal body is bored and dying to stretch like a cat on a porch on a lazy day. I can’t do a full stretch consciously, but I have woken on at least two occasions to catch myself mid-stretch in full extension. On one of those occasions, I swore I heard a thread pop or a hole open up.

Healing is restrictive and difficult.

At my second post-op visit, My doctor, Dr. Rishi Chand correctly assessed that my wound was actually in a worse state than the previous visit. I did mention it was, right?

As I had guesstimated, when I stretched that lovely night in my sleep, an opening developed and so too a little oozing of various concerning elements. Nonetheless, I am determined to have my wound looking better by next week.

So no early return to work, I have to wait out the next two weeks to a full 6-week break and ignore my superwoman ego.


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