Jamaican Poetry: Muse (You are) by Denise N. Fyffe

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2015, Denise N. Fyffe

You are the red bull to my system
The diesel to my engine
Thinking of you makes me want to give up religion
Looking into your intriguing brown eyes
Makes me want to jump that window//
And sit on your thighs;

You are the larva in my volcano
The blues to my jazz
You make me want to embrace being Jamaican
And galang bad bad;
Tasting you, intoxicates me, leaving me drunk
Making me want to get a DUI, and give you some prison funk;

You are the milk to my cookie
Like sex on the beach
No matter the sand,
Let it flow wherever it gains entry;
Crippled with emotion, as you caress my thighs
Thinking when I go home, to my man I won’t apologize.

You are my muse, the king on my throne
You make me want to reside with you
And not go back home;
You are a brand unattainable
Like Gucci, Vutton, and Jimmy Choo
I die, repeatedly just thinking of you.


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