Jamaican Poetry

Jamaican Poetry: Frienemies by Denise N. Fyffe

I look you in the eye

And hear you spew

Those lies

Hear you rip and rend

Hear the falsehoods

Of which, I can’t defend


You took me, and made me a friend

Then took from me

And became an enemy, again

I reflect on this time

How it would be so easy to rip you to shreds

With my rhymes;

Though I sit and contemplate

Do I want to feed this contempt

This hate;

Do I want to publicize your life

How it aint as it appears

Before everybody’s eyes;


With such friends,

Who needs enemies

With such friends,

How can you get off your knees;


Here I stay and here I remain

Here I ponder, of another friend

Turned out to be profane;

On my knees, I have to keep

Else the hate and vengeance will be unleashed

Here in this corner

In this very bed

Here I shall ask forgiveness

For wanting you dead;

And though the emotions,

Be stoked and prodded

Only time, heals

Only time, will make sense of this new found knowledge;

That your enemies are actually your best friends

Until they get all, until your heart they rend;

That your enemies are the closest to you

Until they take that knife, and gut you.



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Copyright © 2017, Denise N. Fyffe, The Island Journal


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