Love’s Story: I want to be your husband

"I want to be your man." "I want to be your husband." She could feel her breath escape her nostrils in a flare. Her heart skipped a beat and the pores of her skin opened. She felt faint. Thank God she was lying down. Her fingers tingled, numb. All sensation disappeared. Fear. The urge to run, kissed her lips and beckoned her to come in that… Continue reading Love’s Story: I want to be your husband


Love’s Story

He was so unsuspecting. He snuck up on her, in a place, where she would not expect him to be. Yet, he was everything she wanted. No, he was not perfect, but he was the perfect man for her. He never judged her and he loved her to the nth degree. He showed affection, continually.… Continue reading Love’s Story


Love’s Story: Let’s Pray

"B?" That's his nickname for her 'babe'. "Yea," She replied. "It's time for devotion," he said. "Ok, I'm coming." She hurry to finish watering the garden. He hurries to finish packing her lunch and carefully tucks in the orange he peeled for her, in my lunch bag. 🙂 ***** Matthew 18:19 -  Again I say unto you, That if… Continue reading Love’s Story: Let’s Pray


Love’s Story: I want you

There is something powerful about a man who looks you in the eye and he says, "I want you." I want to marry you. I want you to have my children. I want to grow old with you. I want no one but you, I am done searching. I cannot live without you, in my… Continue reading Love’s Story: I want you

Jamaica Poetry

Jamaican Poetry: The End of an Era

By: Denise N. Fyffe. Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe It has come, the end of another era, We can only look in the mirror; To reflect and find. To cherish these moments In history, in time. It has come, the beginning of another’s destiny, To stand on the highest stage in our… Continue reading Jamaican Poetry: The End of an Era