#WhyIWrite: Book 5 by Author Denise N. Fyffe

I just watched a video by renowned author J.K. Rowling, and I believe that she gets what many authors like myself are going through.

Her Harvard Commencement speech was about failure and I could tell that she lived exactly what I am now going through. To have that  similarity is a great motivator. As such, it has inspired me to share 30 posts about the 30 books that I published.

I say published, because I have written nearly twice as many, and they are sitting on my hard drive gathering virtual dust.


Sensuous One was the courier for every last saucy love poem that I had. This book is for anyone who was trying to bring back a load of romance into their marriage or relationship. The stuff in that book will make you blush and your toes curl.

I always hasten to tell people that I don’t write poems like that anymore.

This too went through several book covers. Initially I used an image from Microsoft Words. It was the closest free image to the theme that I could find. Then, I found an image of a white lady that was so adequate; however, as a black author, persons started to ask about the choice.The last image was from the free source Pixabay. I used Canva and a couple other photo editors like BeFunky and Fotor, to Jazz up the book cover.


This book, Sensuous One, is a book of love and erotic poems. It includes poetry of a sensual nature that relates infatuation, love and romance. Love is a universal language and as such the author’s dialect, patois, is often used in the poetic verses as well. This book includes poetry that relates the emotions surrounding relationships, feelings, desires and unrequited love. It also speaks to the unspoken thoughts that people have about those they like, admire and respect..

This book has a selection of love poems that I have written over the last ten years. Certainly they are flavored with the seasoning that is Jamaica. The emotions are true and raw; nothing is withheld.

My readers include a large sect that live for these poems. I enjoy seeing their glee and pleasure when they read through a couple lines of the book; soon they return with stories about sharing these lines with loved ones.-Poetess Denise Fyffe”

Enjoy the excerpt of one of these poems below:


I want you to close your eyes
And visualize
Your body and mine
In a love groove;

I want you to feel my hand
On your palm,
Massaging your hips, your legs, your thighs
They travel high to the
Plains of your back,
And lightly knead
The tension knots that you’ve got;

I want you to feel my breath
Now on your neck, on your chest
Trailing hot lava, making you sweat;
My hands now in your hair
My lips trailing kisses
On the lobe of your ear;
As I massage your scalp
And breathe on you
Our rhythmic hips now
Find their groove;

Though you take a peek,
And kiss me on my cheek….
I want you to close your eyes;

Visualize me lying next to you,
Whispering sweet nothings
What would you do?

Close your eyes,
And visualize.

My books can be found at a number of online websites, including:

Smashwords.comBarnes and Noble, Lulu.com, Bookworld.com.au – Australia, Amazon.com – United States, Amazon.co.uk – UK, Amazon.ca – Canada, Amazon.co.jp – Japan, Amazon.it – Italy, Amazon.es – Spain, Amazon.fr – France, Amazon.at – Austria, Amazon.de – Germany and Kobo.


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