Life in Jamaica

Summer 2016 Musings #20 – A Change is Coming

I knew this change was coming for some time. It seems my flesh has been dreading its arrival, but it’s here.

On the first day of 2016, I finally restarted my exercise. After taking a break for a year and a half, being sick, having surgery, recovering from surgery; its now time to whip my fleshy flesh into shape.

Added to that, I started a two-day water only fast to bring my diet into submission and start anew. Lord, help!

Day 1, January 1, 2016; I did light arm stretching, flexing and curls. For my legs, I did calf pivots, if you call it that. 3 sets of 20.

Day 2, I have to walk lightly. My calves are achy. I knew this came with the territory. I rest today and do light calf stretches before bed.

Its my first water only day. It went well. No hunger pangs. I drink a few mouth fulls today; especially before bed. Did you know that if its warm, you sweat a lot at night and can wake feeling dehydrated?

Day 3, Still on a water fast. I went to church and was feeling weak. I pushed through. Had a light meal at the end of the day.

Copyright 2016 Denise N. Fyffe.

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