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Summer 2016 Musings #19 – From Sunroom to Sickroom

The last week has been brutal on my health. I am in the throes of a flu virus that is proving stubborn and unyielding.

It started on Sunday, I woke up feeling as if a fat cow had sat on me all night. Every muscle hurt. Mind you I spent the week before painting the new sunroom and the mornings engaging in leg and abdominal exercises. So I thought, some muscle aches were expected.

But this was different.

Every external surface on my body aches and I felt weak. Determined, I made it to church but barely made it back home. Thank God for the strength of the Spirit.

I collapsed and slept until night. I felt like death was at my door and I prayed. I woke several times that night and in the early hours the pains went.

Propped up by medication, I held of the severe symptoms of the flu and made it into the office a few times that week. But by Thursday, my body was betraying my own mental fortitude.

In order to breath, I had to sleep without the fan. Unholy hell. The nights were miserable I sweated buckets and was perpetually restless.

The coughs were concerning. I could not inhale deeply without going into fits. By Friday evening, my face and my teeth were hurting. Not good. There was only so much Panadol, Cetamol, Paracetamol and Claratin as well as DPH that I could take at any one time.

By midnight, I was exercising every bit of spiritual authority I could muster to pray the pain away.

By 2:00 a.m. I felt like my entire mouth was aching. I finally dragged myself out of my bed of sweat to talk to my Father on the matter.

From the couch in the sunroom, I prayed for more healing. This was indeed trial by fire at the point. As the sun rose in the East, I grew weary and dozed off.

It was after six and my face felt somewhat normal. The paid had subsided enough for me to wrestle what little sleep I could from the few morning hours left.

Inside was a bakers oven, but I managed to sleep.

It was after ten when I finally awoke. I had decided that I would fast this Sabbath morning, so I spent the remaining morning hours curled up in the couch in the sunroom.

My neighbour, bought me more Cetamol flu tablets. After forcing some chicken down my reluctant stomach, it was back to the old couch. Those tablets were potent.

My eyes were heavy and the drilling did not deter my descent into sleep.

This flu was being stubborn. But with the Cetamol, I plan to spend most of it asleep in my sick room.

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


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