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Summer 2016 Musings #18 – Ungrateful

All of us are guilty of one common sin, being ungrateful or not appreciating what we have.

Go ahead deny it, you will then commit another sin, lying. I am not being judgmental. Too often we go around forgetting where we came from; walking around as if we exist alone in this world.

We are blinded to the many blessings we have and receive daily.

Raise your hands, if you have two hands, two feet, a nose, no problem breathing, a roof over your head, food to eat, clothes on your back and maybe a bed to sleep in. If you have all those things, you are greatly blessed.

Walk the streets of Downtown Kingston, New York City, or in any city you live in. Open your eyes and see people begging, sleeping on the corners, or even think about the children in orphanages. They have, in their mind, no one who gives a crap about them. But even in their situation, they are blessed.

world hunger image

A lot of us are familiar with the stereotypical clips of children starving across the world, in third world nations such as Africa. Seeing babies with bellies swollen and limbs too meager, devoid of any fat. But yet we are able to go to fast food joints order a burger or a fried chicken have our fill and dispose of the rest if we want to.

Did you know that we have enough food in the Western Hemisphere to feed every hungry person on this planet?

I learned that one a decade ago in Geography class. Thank God I was paying attention.

But want to we do, and I say we as a collective, we store it in large buildings or dispose of it!

food-waste image courtesy of functionaleconomy

Manufacturers or food processors, restaurants, even in our own kitchen we dispose of excess food. Because we don’t want to affect the scale of supply and demand. We don’t want to drive prices down.

The next time you throw away a loaf of bread because it has a spot of mold think about the child who is going to bed tonight with nothing in their bellies, and haven’t seen a meal since the previous day.

Just think about it.



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