Life in Jamaica

Summer Musings 2016 #16 – The Journey of Life, Pace Yourself

The journey of life is better experienced if you pace yourself.

If you choose to go too fast, go after the high life, live in the realms of vanity, you will fizzle fairly quickly.


If you tread slowly, almost at a stand still, rejecting change, motivation or opportunity; you are sure to be left behind, be tread upon, to die.


If you maintain a steady pace, taking the time to observe and prepare for the obstacles and issues which will come, to enjoy the moments of happiness and blessings; to laugh, have fun, make friends and even find love, if you can.

This is the pace one must set to endure in this life.

As I reflect on my journey I realize that I have done all three. I ponder on all the missed opportunities, saddened by my regrets, but, more ashamed of my ventures into the ‘race car lane’.

My life has been more embattled, and though I get weary, stepping to the brink of giving up; I hold true to the life lessons.

So, in this journey of life, I believe that it is better experienced if you pace yourself.

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