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Summer 2016 Musings #14 – Green Green Grass

Last summer was brutal on my sparse garden. I planted a few palms a few years back and they suffered.

The four lowly plants to the north wall, had been burned black. Yes, you heard right Burnt Black!

This year, I vowed that it would be different.

So far, my weekly yard soaks have encouraged the grass to continuously cross the 30 foot stretch across my yard.

The palm on the south-facing wall is three times the height of those on the north wall. It has proven more resilient, bouncing back in two weeks from a control burn.

Last week, my green thumb itched and I planted a couple of patches of melon and an apple.

I can feel my mother’s genetic influence itching to come out.

The melons are some quick shooting plants because in less than two weeks their little heads are waving in my small green world.

I am still waiting on Mr. Apple to burst out.

With the new patio, my mind’s eye work overtime to fill in the areas with greenery.

It seems there is joy and an immense amount of peace to be had in gardening.

Who knew?


Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe

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