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Summer 2016 Musings #13 – Pitter Patter on the Roof

As I put on a fresh coat of paint on my summer home renovation project, I feel the hot noon day transition with the cool winds.

My arms burn from pushing and pulling the paint brush along ten feet of wall space.

I turn and look at a cluster of clouds. There is a storm brewing.

I watch as rain clouds gather to the East. “Lord, hold your hand.” This I repeated several times that hour.

I pleaded for Him to allow me to finish painting the patio before the showers come rolling in. The heat was intense enough to doubly aid the quick, drying paint.

With only, what seems like, 5 ounces of paint, I manage to complete my task successfully. I ventured to the column by the gate and cleaned the brush on the areas splattered by cement.

A few hours later, evening had rolled in and the dark skies lit up with eager lightning. God had indeed delayed the showers.

Furious thunder clapped occasionally and soon the land sighed.

The test begins.

Picking up my smart phone from my desk, I step outside to survey the newly installed roof in my newly built patio area. So far, so good. I see only one small puddle of water and I can’t find a leak anywhere.

After the storm eased, I ventured out for a second survey. There are a few wet marks in the ply facing west, but no major leakage. I looked down and noticed that the carpet was soaked. I opened the door and pulled the other half inside.

Thank God, test passed. My roof, so far, is waterproof.

Now, I lay down and enjoy the cool night wind streaming through my room.


Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


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