Life in Jamaica, Seaview Gardens

Summer 2016 Musings #12 – Chilling in my Sunroom

Its the morning after Labour Day and I am tired. Still, I manage to wake with the new dawn and thank God for another beautiful morning.

I woke quickly. Pulling myself from a dream that showed more misbehavior than happy adventures.

There is no adjustment needed for me when I wake up in the mornings. I sleep lightly, so even the slightest sound is likely to rouse me.

I feel a sense of accomplishment as I rise to peek into my new room. After giving nature first preference, I venture out into the newly built patio area.

As I cuddle up into the couch, I examine the list of things that needs to be done to finish the room. First on the list, mosquito nets.

I watch as the illegal insects parade through my faux windows, as if they have a right. Needless to say, my blood would be a good breakfast substitute for the ladies of that breed, this morning.

The space is cool. That is all I ask for as I strain my neck to peek at Betsy parked outside. It seems after giving my car her weekly bathe, the showers of heaven has ill-timely undone my good work. Betsy was dirty again and I was in no mood to play in water, again.

I do enjoy it though. The kid in me comes out when I pick up that hose. I few times, as the heat pelt my mahogany skin, I turn the hose over my neck, arms and legs. Hmmm, heaven. I am careful, not to give my neighbors something to talk about.

Still, I relish in a job well done, because now I can relax in the cool of the morning, as I do what comes naturally, write.

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe

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