Life in Jamaica

Summer 2016 Musings #8 – When Nature Calls

Summer 2016 Musings #8 – Nature CallsSummer 2016 Musings #8 – Nature Callsblue-mountain-waterfall-jamaicaIt is that time again.
When my soul begs to be replenished, in the deep hills of my country. This cry rises as I stare at the full lady moon. Her bluish glare touch my window sill and my soul yearns.

All that is within me, stretches towards the beaten paths of my younger years. A place where water falls and rivers kiss, like lovers on a Sunday.


jamaica-get-away-tours-biking-blue-mountain-5My eyes relish in the memory, so vague yet so real to my minds eye. My nostrils desire to taste the fresh air and drink in the clean perfume only Mother Nature could emit.


These I long for, but could never find, in the tempest volcano that overruns this city. This concrete, refuse, infested city.

Oh, to be the eagle that soars above and glides on the air like a pro surfer. Carry me higher, blessed limbs. Take me to the Blue Mountain Peaks.

Carry me higher.

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe

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