Life in Jamaica

Summer 2016 Musings #6 – The Holy Grail of bag juice, Cals!

I have discovered the Holy Grail of bag juice!

Cals bag juice!

It is definitely way above the rest, in quality. Over the last couple days, I realized that the more water content in the bag juice, the tougher it is. The harder it is to bite into the ice and the less rewarding it is.

ting sodaBung Bang just wasn’t cutting it and I couldn’t keep buying Ting, just to offset the taste.

Here comes Cals bag drink to the rescue.

After melting them a little under the pipe, feel free to sip, slurp and suck your way to sweet hydration heaven. I have not been disappointed.

When you bite into the ice, there is as much juice at the core as it is on the outside.

Thanks Cals, this summer is looking up.

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe

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