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Seaview Gardens Jamaica: Breaking StopLights, Breaking Bodies by Denise N. Fyffe

Seaview Gardens

The stoplight on Spanish Town Road and Seaview Gardens intersection is a scary place for any motorist or pedestrian. You never know if the drivers will be breaking lights or breaking bodies.

My Experience

One of the scariest times of year is the Christmas season. During this time, I approach the intersection, with the fear of God in my heart and a prayer on my lips. December 2014, was especially memorable, because every time I was at that stoplight, at least six cars on both sides of the road ran the light, including Trucks.

Earlier this year, the stoplight changed to allow us to come across the intersection, but I heard the horn of a large truck speeding from the six miles side, having no intention to stop, even though the lights changed at least 4 seconds before. My car was half way into the road and I watched as this careless driver looked over at me smiled and gave me a ‘gun salute’.

Dis don’t mek no darn sense.

Spanish town Road accident

History of Horrible Accidents

This intersection is a sacrificial ground for innocent lives taken by reckless drivers. I have heard many tales of motorists breaking lights and breaking bodies.

  1. Four Students Mowed Down On Spanish Town Road
  2. Motor vehicle accident along the Spanish Town road in the vicinity of Seaview Gardens
  3. Little boy killed in accident …
  4. Three vehicle pile up leaves 1 dead
  5. Deadly roads
  6. The valley of death – Spanish Town ranked most dangerous
  7. Elderly man crushed to death by truck on Spanish Town Road
  8. 5-yo killed in Seaview Gardens crash
  9. Car accident injures one on Spanish Town Road
  10. 12 people injured as buses collide on Spanish Town Road

In recent months, a careless Seaview Gardens bus driver, who was speeding prior to reaching the intersection almost killed several school children in the bus. As any driver would, he saved himself and ensured that they brunt of the damage was on the passenger side. The students received multiple injuries and one had head injuries.

The Spanish Town Road Stoplights

One of the explanations given, is that this stoplight changes fast. That may be so, but based on my five years experience, this is not the main cause. The main cause is reckless driving and speeding. Majority of the cars travelling on the Spanish Town Road are disobeying the traffic rules.

The Spanish Town Road area is considered a built up area and as such the speed limit is 50km. Mind you this is tad bit slow for certain sections, but it is definitely warranted at this major thoroughfare. I have seen many vehicles passing me so fast, I am left in fumes and a mirage of their tail end.

The braking on a car, when functional, is highly effective. Honest drivers will tell you that depending on your speed, the car will stop within 5 to 15 metres or ‘on a dime’ if necessary.

Strategies/Solutions to Stop Motorist running Redlights on Spanish Town Road

I am certain that the experts, police, government officials and member of parliament have the intelligence and expertise to implement solutions. But do they care to? Spanish Town Road and Seaview Gardens are places where the poor and destitute live. We all  know that if this was Jack’s Hill, Kings House or Cherry Gardens, resolutions would have been enacted at least two decades ago.

But no, not for Seaview Gardens; where residents only see their elected official on the television – I am talking about you Mr. Anthony Hilton.

It is a crying shame.

It is more than:

  1. Increasing police presence; hidden in the side roads. They, then speed with sirens blazing after the offenders.
  2. Having police officers hiding at Red Stripe corner and sticking out their speed gun.
  3. Running TV campaigns.

It might require:

  1. Installing traffic cameras.
  2. Installing a speed reader.
  3. Persecuting traffic offenders.
  4. Installing bigger traffic lights.
  5. Increasing the time of the yellow light.
  6. Using flashing amber light.
  7. Adding an all-red clearance interval. This is where all lights will be on red for a brief period.
  8. Adding a left and right turning light for those vehicles cutting across the intersection. From Six Miles into Seaview Gardens and from Three Miles to Penwood Road.
  9. Installing advanced warning lights.
  10. Retiming traffic signals.
  11. Improving signage.
  12. Adding 6 pedestrian crossings, around that intersection.

I pray that someone actually implements some of these strategies to stop motorist running red lights on Spanish Town Road. I pray that motorist stop breaking lights and innocent breaking bodies.

Copyright © 2015, Denise N. Fyffe

About the writer:
Poetess Denise N. Fyffe has worked in Information Technology positions for fifteen years. She is also a trained counselor and teacher. Meeting the challenges of the recession head on, she transitioned into being a freelance writer.

She has published many books including:


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    The Spanish Town Road area is considered a built up area and as such the speed limit is 50km. Mind you this is tad bit slow for certain sections, but it is definitely warranted at this major thoroughfare. I have seen many vehicles passing me so fast, I am left in fumes and a mirage of their tail end.


  2. For. God sake please. Stop. Listen to. The plea empathize. Save lives. Make it happen. Remember. The. Footprints you. Leave. Behind might. Just be the one. Yor mother. Father. Children. And. Grand children may. Just. @ the moment Need to. Cross. Over. Do the right thing. Fixed the Bloody trap. And save. Lives

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