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Seaview Gardens Jamaica: Draw Bad Card, Disturbing the Peace

Seaview Gardens

disturbing the peace excuse
disturbing the peace excuse

Bob Marley‘s “Draw Bad Card’. Yes, that’s whats pumping on this lane in Seaview Garden’s at 6:00 o’clock on a Saturday evening. The next door neighbor seems to be mouthing whomever triggered a week of quiet. It was blessed peace that reigned when the ‘siphoners‘ of electricity got abruptly disconnected.

The uneventful and quiet weekend was shattered when the words of our pioneer Reggae singer, Bob Marley, were chanted with bravado and spite.

Bob Marley‘s “Draw bad card’ lyrics

You a-go tired fe see me face;
Can’t get me out of the race.
Oh, man, you said I’m in your place
And then you draw bad cyard –

I want to disturb my neighbour,
‘Cause I’m feelin’ so right;
I want to turn up my disco,
Blow them to full watts tonight, eh! –

The culprits know exactly what they are doing. This was premeditated. Community DisturbanceDisturbing the Peace! Even Beres Hammond unwittingly got in on the act. Then, they proceeded to regal us with another Bob Marley anthem, ‘Coming in from the cold’. Lord tek di case!

I did find their antics hilarious. 🙂

Oh no, assimilation in process.

Bob Marley anthem, ‘Coming in from the cold’ lyrics

…Coming in from the cold.

It’s you – it’s you – it’s you I’m talkin’ to –
Well, you (it’s you) – you (it’s you) – you I’m talking to now.
Why do you look so sad and forsaken?
When one door is closed, don’t you know other is open?

Obviously someone sat down and planned the night’s playlist. The lyrics are loaded.

Life is funny don’t you think? How is it that the evil doers always get away with these injustice? How is that they always believe that they are actually in the right?

Such is ghetto life.

The bible predicted it.

The pathways in Seaview Gardens are very narrow. Each home, on opposite sides, are separated with maybe 10 feet of space. Every argument, domino game, party and dancehall session is very audible. It is more so because people do these activities in the pathway themselves and there is not the shielding of four walls to temper the sound waves. For those who live in large houses with bigger plots of land; it’s like hearing the music chanting in your living room while you are in the backyard or kitchen.

The only positive in the night’s selection is that the lyrics are positive; which I am grateful for. Not the typical raunchy numbers that would make any responsible, moral parent or Christian cringe.

There is no real execution of law and order in the ghetto. Even the police officers who are trained to maintain such, assimilate easily to the leanings of criminality. It is an unfortunate reality.

One has to simply grin and bear it.

Tonight, I am grinning….

Copyright © 2015, Denise N. Fyffe

About the writer:
Poetess Denise N. Fyffe has worked in Information Technology positions for fifteen years. She is also a trained counselor and teacher. Meeting the challenges of the recession head on, she transitioned into being a freelance writer.

She has published many books of  including

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