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Seaview Gardens Jamaica: Running on the roof


seaview gardens children on roof
seaview gardens children on roof

As if all the daily shenanigans weren’t enough, one had to also deal with those being kept after midnight.

When you live in a house with zinc roofingc, you are very sensitive about said zinc. It seems that no one likes to walk on concrete ground anymore. Whether day or night, people think it normal to just step across your roof without any consideration as to whether they will cause damage or not.

Over the years, peace has not always been permitted to abide in my little path in Seaview Gardens. If it isnt community fights and dirty arguments, its neighbors taking my yard for their own personal landfill. If it isn’t dancehall sessions being kept on the roof at odd hours, it’s domino sessions till the wee hours of the morning; believe me, there is always something. The moral code that guides traditional neighborhood living seems not to exist in the ghetto. There is no consideration shown and as such some people always inconvenience their neighbors; but not everyone is like this.

But the bible says, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

And truly they know not what they do; nor does the police give a flying fish about such menial matters, whether you get a migraine once a week or not. Certain things you have to live up, or try to live through.

The midnight and early morning pedestrians we do not have any control over; they probably have guns. However, the kids from hell…they are another matter.

Dover Raceway does not see as much traffic as my rooftop.

Mi tyad fi tell di picknie dem fi stop run, walk, hop or traverse across the zinc roof. Worse yet, no one gives a damn. No matter how yuh complain, di parents dont even bat an eye or utter a vowel. The cursed minions are yours to deal wit only; but lay a hand on dem an yuh see or mek dem hurt dem selves.

I think the message has sunk, that or either God handled that case. As the feet are now at rest.


Copyright © 2015, Denise N. Fyffe

About the writer:
Poetess Denise N. Fyffe has worked in Information Technology positions for fifteen years. She is also a trained counselor and teacher. Meeting the challenges of the recession head on, she transitioned into being a freelance writer.

She has published many books of  including


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