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Fibroids testimonial – The Alien Assassins in my body

fibroids-Laparoscopy  courtesy of naturalfibroids-comFibroids, the name drives fear into any woman who has those which are symptomatic or knows of someone who’s suffered from them. For me, in the last year, these tumors have been the cause for hospital visits, surgery consultations and the constant consumption of painkillers. If it will stop the pain, I will take it.

According to, a fibroid is a benign (non-cancerous) growth of the womb (uterus). They are also called uterine myomas, fibromyomas or leiomyomas. Their size can vary. Some are the same size as a pea and some can be as big as a melon. Fibroids can increase in size, decrease in size or even go away with time…I wish mine would disappear.

My sick days at work are down to zero, because while I am having my period, the discomfort and pain can be unbearable. My tummy bloats, the pain consumes my brain and the PMSing these days is at def con 4. My hormones are ‘out of wack’ and I am miserable, argumentative and inconsolable. Definitely, not a good combination.

Presently, it feels like I am carrying a foetus to term; with none of the joyous benefits at the end. Doing ‘number 2’ feels like voluntary torture. This makes me know that the fibroid has swollen and protruded backward, unto my bowels. Not only towards my bladder and intestines, like it has done for the last several years.

Copyright © 2014 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe

She has published several books of poetry including Jamaican Honey and Sauce’,Jamaican Pebbles, Love under the Caribbean Stars and Jamaican Pebbles: Poetry Pocketbook.


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