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Jamaican Wedding: Meats cooked and served in Jamaica

The tongue seeks to be pleasured on the wedding day and only the most exquisite foods will satisfy its demand. When it comes to preparing the most delicate of meals, the chefs in Jamaica are second to none. Keeping the couple happy is always the main priority and the cooks will ensure this by preparing the best cuisines at the wedding reception.

Jamaican caterers, chefs and cooks are also talented artisans when it comes to creating delicacies. Their main goal is to create meals that you and your spouse will never forget. So much so that you will return every year on your honeymoon just to recapture those tastes and memories. Wedding couples will have the option to enjoy local dishes such as fried, barbeque and jerk chicken, ackee and salt fish or dishes from your native home. Prepare to have your guests shower you with compliments and commendations, as your reception menu will be filled with mouth watering delicacies.

You will be enchanted with a wide array of baked goods, spices, recipes, fruits, meats and liqueurs.

Jerk marinade-- pre-blend. K.Barnes
Jerk marinade– pre-blend. K.Barnes

Meat Dishes

  1. Ackee and Saltfish
  2. Baked Chicken
  3. Coconut Chicken
  4. Conch

    Jamaican curried lobster
    Jamaican curried lobster
  5. Cow Foot
  6. Curried Chicken
  7. Curried Goat
  8. Curried Lobster
  9. Curried Shrimp
  10. Escovitch Fish
  11. Fried Chicken
  12. Jerk Chicken
  13. Jerk Fish
  14. Jerk Lobster
  15. Jerk Pork
  16. Jerk Sausage
  17. Mackerel Run Down
  18. Meatballs
  19. Oxtail
  20. Roast Beef
  21. Roast Chicken
  22. Seafood
  23. Steamed Fish
  24. Stew Peas
  25. Stewed Beef
  26. Stewed Chicken


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