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Seaview Gardens Jamaica by Denise N. Fyffe

I find that life can be unpredictable, unfair and full of surprises; many of which are not the good kind but even so, it is up to us to make what we will of it. My life had its share of the unpredictable, the unfair and the surprising. Far too many of these events have dragged on longer than King David’s battles and right now, even though I am basking under the shadow of the Almighty, I still face many onslaughts from the enemy.

My new home Seaview Gardens, funny how I shunned it as my home for several years; but when I tried to leave, it kept reeling me back in like a tired marlin on a fisher man’s line. And that is true. I was tired. I was desperate. I have come to accept the process and bed patience. My human efforts would yield no fruit. Like the fig tree, I was barren and awaiting either the curse or the blessing of Jesus himself.

Seaview Gardens, not many would consider this place being anywhere near the Almighty or even close to His shadow, but for this weary soul, it was. It is a place where the Lord has prepared, not only shelter but stability. It is where I must attend the College of Trials and Tribulations. This was no school of hard-knocks. It was a distinguished institution with alums like Job, Elijah, Jeremiah, Paul and Peter. Here, is like no other place on earth, for me, it is here that I must bear my crosses and rely upon the everlasting mercies of Jesus Christ.

It is either that or become converted to Jamaica’s Most Wanted, by the principalities of hell; and that will never happen.

As the years pass, I would find that the markers that indicate my mental, physical, psychological and spiritual limits; they have a mind of their own. No, I think they have the mind of God. When I think that I am finally going to give in and become a local Taliban member or a resident of Bellevue Hospital; I receive divine tolerance to not only persist through the antics of my neighbours but the sense of desperation that prevails at times.

This is one woman’s story, one woman’s journey.



Copyright © 2015, Denise N. Fyffe

About the writer:
Poetess Denise N. Fyffe has worked in Information Technology positions for fifteen years. She is also a trained counselor and teacher. Meeting the challenges of the recession head on, she transitioned into being a successful freelance writer for many local and international clients.

She has published many books of  including

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