Jamaican Poetry, Other Jamaican Writers

Jamaican Poetry: Ghetto Burial

By: Davene Rowe.
Copyright © 2010, Davene Rowe.

Buttons and T-Shirt memorabilia of a man who lived and died by the gun
Ironically with the words ‘GONE TOO SOON” engraved
A glass chariot transports the dead in style reminiscent of a fairy tale life
The blings and the mode of dress are no different from the standard expected
and worn at last week’s weddi weddi with a slight deviation in the colours

Once there is a bus, car or bike, then transporation is more than available
With just a little Vybz Kartel and Mavado to set the mood
There is hardly any need for money , at the ‘deadyard’ food is a must.
All that is needed is a few bottles of whites and you certainly can’t forget the little bag of greens

There are two services; one inside the church officiated by the pastor while the other is usually outside surrounding a Chillum Pipe.
The sistren in the shortest dress is strategically placed in the front seat with her neon colour hairstyle & outfit,
mourning her loss and at the same time defending why she is the wife and the mate two rows behind ‘just nah happen’.

But like every other funeral , a loved one is bemoaned and in some way, shape or form
life for the family will undoubtedly change even though life in the ghetto will always remain the same.


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