Jamaican Workplace: Dealing with Workplace Harassment – Horrible boss syndrome

Tonight I am tired, more like exhausted. Its week two into my Post Grad programme and I am feeling the hands of sleep claiming my eyelids during the day. Working full-time and attending school in the evenings takes a lot of energy, drive and perseverance.

Jamaican Workplace: My Journey, horrible boss syndrome
Jamaican Workplace: My Journey, horrible boss syndrome

Today, unfortunately was just like any big stress day of late; but with more than a sprinkling of horrible bosses syndrome. There is only so much one or two human beings can take, my coworker included, before we go postal; and today was almost that day.

There seems to be a special drink consumed by Jamaican bosses, especially the female owners. I am not sure, if its the power that goes to their heads but they often treat their workers in a despicable manner. Male bosses are often not like this – not saying that there are no horrible male bosses. You will find that they are easy going and can be assertive but respectful of the fact that you walk on two legs, upright, just like them.

How long can one subject themself to the emotional and psychological sabotage meted out  in the workplace?

How long can one endure the stress with no obvious rewards? Especially if it has been years…

I have learned volumes about disruptive values like hypocrisy, and even undermining practices. Horrible bosses micro-manage on a level that even a parent would call intrusive.

You are required to account for every movement, every word spoken, every action and even every misplaced breath. This means that bathroom runs, tea runs, coffee break, lunch break, quick trips to your car or a visitor, a search for pill and any departmental visitation must be announced.

This is just too much.

These are the characteristics of horrible bosses, especially where all these traits reside in one person:

  1. nitpicking
  2. micro-managing – every task and this is overly frustrating to employees who can work very well on their own initiative. It usually breeds dissent and eliminates any room for employee personal growth
  3. nagging
  4. blame game – consistently blaming employees especially for things they did not do and refusing to verify the facts.
  5. being angry and boisterous – this can present itself in shouting tactics, huffing and puffing or being vengeful and mean.
  6. hypocrisy
  7. CIA tactics
  8. vindictive – unfair treatment and holding grudges
  9. interrogations – asking questions in a manner befitting a CIA, FBI or MI6 agent or even setting you up to try and catch you in a lie
  10. keeping an exercise book of offenses and months or years later, reciting the offenses – permanently recording them in the Performance Objective.
  11. overly controlling
  12. invasion of privacy and personal space – constantly looking over the shoulders of your employee


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One comment

  1. I have experienced all these traits from a MALE boss and it was the most traumatic experience any human can face. whether it is from a male or female


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