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Jamaican Lifestyle: Gaining momentum, its

Poetess Denise Fyffe and Tanhoi Sinclair at
Poetess Denise Fyffe and Tanhoi Sinclair at

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2013, Denise N. Fyffe

It’s another Thursday night and Thiaah’s is the place to be. By now the regulars are becoming fast friends. Patrons gather, poets prepare and the novices are on edge. My friends and I link up for a night that will either prove be filled with rich hysterics or somber poetry filled moments. We are here to get our fill of’s poetry, poetry and more poetry; with a dash of melodies lyrics blended in. has become a poet’s thing to do on a Thursday nights between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. It has laid its foundation as a safe place to express oneself, in a placenta like environment. Already it has loyalist poets, who venture out each and every Thursday to brave their own inner trepidation and express their thoughts and emotions.

Patrons at
Patrons at has grown and poets from different walks of life gather to see what this new event is all about. Each week the vibe changes and more and more patrons venture out to drink wine, have a bite of organic food, while they indulge their senses in the spoken word. This Thursday the vibe was more ethnic and deeply penetrated by historical elements and Jamaican culture.

Jawara Ellis performing at
Jawara Ellis performing at

Tanhoi Sinclair is a proud mother who watches as her new born grows and stretches to new heights. Under her careful watch the night’s program blossomed and poets shared pieces ranging on genres that encapsulates love, death, culture, crickets, birds, and beetles. Yes you heard right, even the ‘creepy crawly’ gets hailed at Rhapsody.

Passions and senses were heightened by pieces that gave odes to every emotion and experience shared between a man and a woman. From broken hearts, first crushes, ‘ridiculous’ ‘feeling sexy’ moments and epistles worthy of the Aphrodite and Venus themselves.  Some of the night’s entertainers at included Yashika, Tanhoi, Coco Matthews, Poetess Denise Fyffe, Marcus Harrison, Jawara Ellis, Charles Brown, Lloyd, Steppa, Lynch, Jerome Sage Butler and several others.

Infrequently, things got a little tedious, as some bypassed the cues of silent listeners drifting into the ninth heaven of boredom. Let’s just say ‘tek bad tings mek laugh’ taught us, silence speaks volumes. is gaining not only momentum, but tambourines, chimes and drums too!!

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